Both Bitdefender and Kaspersky provide the latest security against malware. Both provide a range of extra features including shredding files and password managers. However, Bitdefender's Profiles feature gives it the advantage in terms of customizing, allowing you to adjust your antivirus's resource usage according to how you use your computer. Kaspersky has a similar feature but doesn't offer it in its suite. Kaspersky also comes with the WiFi Security Advisor, which can help protect your device when using Wi-Fi networks that are public.

Another thing to consider is how much each antivirus suite impacts your PC's performance. Tom's Guide conducted a test and found that Bitdefender was more effective than Kaspersky in general processes. The process of opening an excel spreadsheet took 10.4 seconds without the antivirus software, but it took 13.8 when you run a full scan. Kaspersky's performance was slower in both tests than Bitdefender, which means it has a lower requirement for PC specs.

The detection rates between the two were similar but Kaspersky had a slightly more accurate idea of if something was malware and when it wasn't. The difference was more evident in false positives. Bitdefender registered 12 in November/December in November and December, whereas Kaspersky only had eight.

Both antivirus suites provide 24/7 customer support. However, Bitdefender is a bit ahead of Kaspersky in this respect. Both offer phone numbers, live chat, and email support. They also host community forums in which users can help each other resolve issues.