Board management basics software is an excellent tool for managing meetings. It makes meetings more efficient through reducing the printing of materials, eliminating the requirement that specific personnel attend meetings, and permitting remote participation. It also helps reduce administration costs when scheduling meetings and can help the environment by encouraging paperless meetings.

Not every board management software is created to be the same. When weighing different options, look for key features that are crucial to your requirements such as secure document storage and quick support. If you've got your list of "must-haves," you can narrow down the list of providers and compare them. A good company will provide trial periods for free and allow you to conduct meetings live in the system, so that you can observe how user-friendly it is for all the participants in your board cycle.

Make sure your solution is compatible with all devices (desktop tablet, mobile and desktop). It should be simple to use and feature a clean, simple design. It should include features such as laser pointer, page synchronisation tool, and shared annotations. It should also be able record and keep minutes of the meeting. It should also allow participants to use their preferred electronic signature application for compliance purposes.

A good portal for board members provides members with the most powerful tools to increase the participation at meetings. This is accomplished by letting members to make decisions via polling tools and funneling the results into dashboards for quick analysis. It should allow members to assign tasks, keep informed about the progress of their work and set deadlines.