The possibility of technical problems is high when holding an online meeting. For instance the board members might have an issue with their internet connection, or his battery might die during the meeting. It is an excellent idea to request remote attendees to test their devices prior to the meeting. Additionally, you can offer them training and assistance so that they are able to use your board portal before the actual meeting begins.

In addition to the standard features, you should also look for a digital meeting space that offers high levels of security and conformity. The most secure online board portals secure your data at the server level and permit you to customize the access of different users to certain documents.

A second essential feature is the ability to record votes. Recording the results of your vote in your virtual meeting room will guarantee transparency and accountability, unlike the traditional show of hands system. It also will reduce the time you spend on board resolutions and improve the efficiency of your meetings.

The software should be easy to navigate and comprehend for everyone, even if have less tech-savvy guests. In addition, it must be compatible with all platforms including smartphones and tablets. It should also work with printers. Some board members may prefer printing out documents or presentations due to various reasons, such as their inability to use screens for extended periods of time. Additionally the digital boardroom should have chat features for quick collaboration.