Although it's not as shady or illegal as it is often portrayed as the dark web could be risky. You should be aware of certain safety precautions. It's a place where exploration is valued, but it requires a certain amount of respect and caution. With the right digital lifejacket you can explore this deep ocean layer in a safe and secure manner.

You'll first need a special web browser that lets you navigate this hidden part of the internet. Tor is the most popular choice. It functions much like an ordinary browser, but is protected by layers of encryption that stop your browsing activities from being traced back to you. You'll need an internet search engine that can find sites that are on the dark web. DuckDuckGo is a popular choice since it doesn't monitor your browsing habits and is specialized in locating websites on the dark web.

The next step is to utilize an VPN service that will encrypt your connection. This will conceal your IP address and erase any metadata that could be linked to you, protecting your privacy from being spied on while surfing the dark web. It is recommended to make use of an VPN when using Tor for the best security.

As you can imagine there's a variety of content available on the dark web but it's not all legal. You'll find everything from stolen data to hacker services, illegal images, information and goods. Even if you're not planning on purchasing anything, straying off the right path could result in you being in hot legal trouble.