The majority of our days are spent working, yet little attention is paid to organizing our work in the most effective way. Whether you're a solo freelancer or part of a team, the most effective workplace organization tips are the same for all companies:

Organizing your work isn't just about getting everything on your list done. It's about getting your work completed faster and efficiently, which leads to higher productivity.

Understanding how your tasks connect to the goals of your company and OKRs is essential to a well-organized and efficient system of work. Knowing this information allows you to quickly alter your priorities and deadlines in the moment. It can also cut down on the amount of time spent on "work about work," such as tracking progress or searching for updates. Instead, this time can be put towards skilled work and strategic planning.

Another tip for organizing is to break large tasks into smaller tasks. You can then track the amount of time left over in your day by examining how many small or medium tasks you need to complete. This is called "time blocking" and it is an important tool for managing your time and productivity.

It's also important to create a block of time where you focus on your most critical work every day. Oftentimes, people get caught in the "urgency trap," where they prioritize setting small fires ahead of doing high-impact work. To avoid this, you should begin each day with doing intense work that can result in promotions or help grow your business to a new level.