The scientific method involves testing and observing in order to gain knowledge about the world around us. Based on this knowledge, theories can be developed and tested. This method has led to some of the most significant technological breakthroughs. At top universities such as Woxsen sciences and business students can develop a deeper understanding of the principles which underlie these innovations in biology, physics and chemistry, engineering artificial intelligence, and many more.

But, it's important to be aware that, while curiosity drives research, needs and challenges drive business. Therefore, it is not possible to formulate a single theory of business science that can be applied across different industries. It is more important to have a broader approach to business science by viewing it as a practically focused interdisciplinary subject that can be enhanced.

In a nutshell, science brings rigor, evidence-based thinking, innovation, problem-solving, efficiency and sustainability to companies. These advantages can help companies advance their products, increase the quality of their products, inform the decisions they make, and promote sustainable practices.

Many companies are implementing interdisciplinary science-business programs. These undergraduate degrees are designed to give students an understanding of both science as well as business and prepare them for management roles in technology-based industries.